Thank you,

… for your interest in my transcription services, and welcome to the wonderful world of the “Virtual Assistant.”

Having an assistant in cyberspace can be extremely efficient and cost-effective. Not only do you not need to provide office space, computers or supervision, you also don’t have to provide benefits like paid holidays, vacation time, or health insurance.

First, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Sandi White.

I have been working for professionals around the country since 1995. I have worked with a wide variety of word processing and other computer software packages since 1982 and have transcribed for engineers, attorneys, and marketing professionals since 1987.

I can transcribe audio from almost any format, including DVD’s, mp3 files, wav files, as well as standard size cassettes and printed or handwritten text. I do not accept micro-cassettes.

Feel free to request a sample transcript page, so you can see what your transcripts would look like, or you can submit your own formatting template and I’ll be happy to accommodate it.

I look forward to helping you with your transcription and word processing projects!  But if there is any other type of service that you need help with, talk to me and see if I can be your one-stop shop. And since I welcome new clients mainly on the basis of referral by other satisfied clients, I would greatly appreciate if you would refer anyone you might know who needs the services I offer.

I sincerely appreciate your business!  Oh, and by the way, everything I do for all of my clients remains completely confidential.


Sandi White

P.S. Due to the amount of telemarketing calls I get, if you would like to call me or have any questions at all, please contact me through my Getting Started contact page and I will give you my telephone number.


Oasis Office Support    249 Tia Trail    Lowell, Michigan 49331

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